Schulhoff's Five Pieces...

A quiet evening delving into the Five Pieces for String Quartet by Erwin Schulhoff. Although we’ve performed this piece many times, there is constantly lots to discover - the score is just packed with little nuances and ingenious bits of writing...

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Glenn Douglas

Glenn Duncan Douglas was born in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, on September 27th, 1949. Losing his father at a very young age, he was raised by his mother in Thirsk. As a schoolchild, he was an infamous trouble-maker, but he also excelled academically. In his twenties, he became a math teacher in the south of England and quickly progressed to be Head of the Department.

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The Champagne Galas!

Come along to the Champagne Galas, December 29th and January 2nd! Music by the likes of Beethoven, Britten, Mendelssohn, Schulhoff and Tchaikovsky. Performers who regularly appear at concert halls such as Carnegie New York, Musikverein Vienna, Opera House Sydney.

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