Schulhoff's Five Pieces...

A quiet evening delving into the Five Pieces for String Quartet by Erwin Schulhoff. Although we’ve performed this piece many times, there is constantly lots to discover - the score is just packed with little nuances and ingenious bits of writing...

I wonder how many of you out there have heard of Schulhoff, or indeed know any of his work? He was a brilliant, prodigious Jewish Czech composer who might be more of a household name had he not lost his life during the Holocaust while aged just in his 40s.

The Five Pieces were written between the two World Wars, and they give a sort of satirical and exaggerated musical depiction of typical Central European life at the time.

Who is coming to hear us perform this masterful work at Concert One of the Festival, December 29th at 7.30pm, Bal Harbour? We can’t wait to present this piece in South Florida!


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