Concert-Goer Testimonials:

“The most wonderful, spectacular, absolutely marvelous musical experience. Neither could my eyes believe my ears nor could my ears believe my eyes, for how could one be so lucky as to have the most beautiful sounds in the world performed with such mastery in a setting so comfortable, accessible, and intimate? To be in the audience is a real treat. It was such privilege to see them perform, and they cannot return to South Florida soon enough!” -Aaron

“We all know that great musicians can play great music. But what sets The Glenn Douglas Winter Chamber Music Festival apart is that they add tons of love to what they do. The experience goes far beyond a great performance of meticulously selected pieces. From the moment you arrive to one of these concerts you are transported to a new dimension. It's a kind of nirvana for the soul! December <2019> cannot be here fast enough for the next series of concerts.” -Alex

“We found <the concert> so inspiring and enjoyable. The venue was intimate enough to feel really part of the music and the performance was so spirited and authentic.” -Ben

“A magical experience! World class musicians right here where I live? Almost too good to be true. Can’t wait til next year’s performances! I already told them I want to attend all of the concerts next year. This is what heaven must sound like.” -Ellen

“Fabulous music played by outstanding musicians. Just the holiday break I needed.” -Jim

“Wednesday evening’s concert was a delight… that exceeded what we imagined it to be. It was elegant, masterful, soulful, magical, filled with emotional complexity and it was alive, oh so alive! The evening revealed that the intimacy of acoustic classical chamber music live and in-person has the power to transform all those in attendance as well as the performers themselves… If anyone thinks classical chamber music is a passé art in contemporary times, they are depriving themselves of a rare opportunity to revel in the power of what can happen when such highly talented classical musicians are able to interface intimately with a room filled with concentrated listeners… The evening was an exchange of soul-felt emotion for everyone present. I hope that Shana Douglas and Friends will continue to offer the Music Festival annually... To anyone who can make it to future offerings, put it at the top of your list as a New Year’s Resolution…” -Joan

“We were delighted to attend the two concerts at the Ritz Carlton in Bal Harbour. Besides the beautiful and intimate setting, we were wowed by the talent of the musicians in the group. Considering they all hail from different places and rarely, if ever, play together, they performed as if they had been playing forever. The musicians were all so friendly and enthusiastic during the intermission. My husband and I both felt that we were very fortunate to participate in this inaugural festival and look forward to enjoying many more in the years to come.” -Kayla

“Thoroughly 1000% enjoyed <the concerts>... I will be at all 3 next year or as many as you do… THOROUGHLY DELIGHTFUL…” -Roberta

“All I can say is WOW - that was incredible - and I'm already looking forward to the next concert. I was blessed to be there and the intimacy of the program was just incredible…” -William

The Festival in Pictures

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