Dear Website Visitor,

Our hope is that the Glenn Douglas Winter Chamber Music Festival will become an annual event - but in order to ensure this, different types of assistance and support are needed.

Firstly, could you kindly help us spread the word about the Festival? Although we’re working hard on different types of advertising and marketing, it’s always difficult to make everyone aware of a new project or initiative - we want to avoid people missing these concerts simply because they don’t know about them! If you can think of anyone who might be interested in attending, please direct them to this website ( or to the Festival’s facebook page (, or forward them the Festival flyer, downloadable here.

Or, do you simply wish to donate to the Festival? Our expenses range from musician travel and accommodation costs to advertising, refreshments, and supplies. Monetary donations of any size would be gratefully received. Any financial surplus would go towards helping to ensure that next year’s Festival may happen!

Do you live in the 33154 area, and would you be interested in hosting a musician during their stay for the 2019-2020 Festival?

Do you know of any spaces in Surf-Bal-Bay that would be potentially suitable indoor or outdoor concert venues for next year’s Festival? We hope to expand our list of venues and our number of public concerts next time!

Or, do you perhaps even have any other ways of offering support that aren’t listed here?

We would love to hear from you!

Please write to us on the “contact” page of this site. We will be in touch with our thanks and to confirm what steps should be taken next for you to follow through with your offer of support.

With appreciation,

The Glenn Douglas Winter Chamber Music Festival Administrative Team

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